Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tofurkey Day!

We had monkey bread in the morning and watched the parade. Then Momma worked all day to create the most beautiful and amazing feast of vegetarian goodness.

We had THREE tofurkeys. That's 3 folks. Here is our magnificent Marmee posing with them. Addie made the brussel sprouts...delicious.

The Spread. We had more food than I could have dreamed of. I for one did not care to stop eating...and so I did not stop. When everyone else was too full for pumpkin pie, well, I went ahead and indulged. And I'm glad I did, cause it was worth it.
The Spring Beatty girls giving thanks for each other.

Migs and Candice arrived sort of late. We had already gotten cozy by this point and no one could move.

We watched Totoro and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We had to undo our buttons in order to breathe. It was such a cozy, cozy, plentiful and perfect day.
Mom, thank you for indulging us all. You are such a good cook and you know how to make everything homey and welcoming and full of joy!

The Day After Thanksgiving and Beyond

Here are Darin and Artie rocking out at the infamous "Night After Thanksgiving Show" at Cozmic cafe. So many people were there! The crowd went wild, energy was high, and the music was loud. Jacob and Jorden Mingle. The band goes by "Treesus and the Sinners." They played three or four of Jacob's songs and I think three of Darin's.

Here are some audience members digging the show...Emily, CarolAnn and Ezra.

Darin's whole family was here. Dave, Ashley, Sinjin, Linzey, Dylan, Christy, Debby, the boyfriends Matthew and Mike, Annette and Mike, and even Grandma DeDe!

Next day was Dave's last day in town. We all walked downtown to browse the shops on Main Street. Dave and Ashley are fun because they actually like "antiquing."

They're getting married in May!

And today was Mary's baby shower. She is due in a month and she looks radiant!Rebecca and Jessica having apples and cranberries.

It was especially fun because there were a lot of babies around. I didn't really capture that in the pictures, but there were kids and babies and even a beautiful wolf puppy named Aisha. There are also chickens, 3 goats, a greenhouse, a yoga studio built from cob and straw bale, plants and herbs and fig trees and lots of sunshine.

Here is Mary getting crowned the Queen Mama of Somerset! Her sister-in-law Amber and the moms made her a bay leaf and sage tiara with a yellow rose and other natural goodies.

It was a lovely baby shower and we all brought a bead to contribute to a special "blessing" strand that Mary can keep with her as she gets ready to give birth to remind her of all the loving women that support her. There was a strong "sisterhood" vibe going on and it was really nice to be part of. Reminds me yet again of all the things I am thankful for!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cozy Nook

This is how we roll most of the time. Can you find the hidden one?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


thanks everyone for making my birthday such a treat. for a busy girl who was in school all day, it was "just delightful!" watching the Office was somehow even more of a treat this night, even though it was so late, especially because it had all the best Office elements including super-endearing moments between characters like the andrew "the nard" bernard being the best wing man.

here is momma presenting me the best-ever-in-the-whole-wide-world-texas chocolate fudge cake! seriously, i think this was her best ever. the corner pieces are the best. a teeny bit crispy on the frosting side, but so soft and rich in the center.
here's my birthday party! the crowd goes wild!aftermath of cake and ice cream. satiated.presents wrapped uniquely by darin. he couldn't find tape. his face shows that he recognizes his own ingenuity and strangeness.
thanks to mom for being a party animal and letting us stay past midnight. thanks to everyone in my whole family for making me feel special and for being the kindness and funnest and funniest folks i know.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday sweet Jarom!

(Dang, I can't get the first photo to show the adorable look on Jarom's face. It's like completely stoked and a tiny bit worried. Matt can you make the right border a bit thinner on the blog so it doesn't cut off the photos? I tried to make the photo centered or more to the left, but it didn't help....)
Jarom, I know I hardly ever see you, but I miss you, and I love you! You are so curious, so energetic, so determined, so fun to be around! You have quite a lifetime ahead of you filled with discovery and expeditions, family, art, music, and mazes! I want to come visit during Christmastime and see lights decorating all the houses and dress up in scarves and mittens and go to a parade! I hope you have the best birthday ever, and just know....that a late birthday gift shall arrive this week!

All my heart,
aunt Adie

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sunshine!!

You light our lives through your laughter and kind soul!

I like this picture because YOU wanted to do something Fun, and you starting making faces and Matt quickly says stop! It was a funny moment. You're always so cute and playful just like your little beana.

And here, it looks as though we have finally caught you gritting your teeth on camera.

I know I have some pretty amazing picture of you somewhere on this computer, but you know my skills. I can't find them.
Heather you make the grass look greener the birds sound lovelier and any song danceable. We love you!!!! Thank you for always being the greatest friend, sister, aunt, chatter, listener, groover, party thrower, making our lives warm and bright. I miss you!!!! I just sat here (stuck ) forever thinking of all the many things I could add to this list. And I would feel bad ever ending it. You are amazing! I wish I could come celebrate with you right now and make all of your wildest dreams come true.
Happy Birthday my sweet!! xoxoxo Our Love is flowing your way!

Monday, November 10, 2008

In the Valley of Hope

Right before Halloween, Art and I drove up to Hope Valley. Most of the colors were already gone....which was hard to believe because it had been SO hot here up until then. But here's a few looksies into our little Colorado moment. It was so fun, and I felt giddy, running around the field which was filled with very large cow patties. It was a lovely evening. Also......everyone please become a "follower" of my other blog. I would be much obliged! Just click on my blog to your left here on this page... and then click on Follow This Blog. Thanks kidds...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Goin' Blog Wild

Isn't that the stupidest most ridiculous title ever? I had to do it. It's just that lately I want to keep writing ones and writing ones, as well as reading and reading other people's. Heather is a lot of my inspiration as she showed me this lady's blog in Utah called and motivated me in the direction of countless other ones that she has peered into stranger's lives through. It is addictive I must say. And especially, for a person like myself, who has (for the most part) always enjoyed non-fiction and memoir over characters and fiction. That's just a generalization but whatever. I do have many many beloved fiction books. One of my favorites is The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter. You were dying to know that, right? Art just joined on the reading bandwagon as well, finishing up an early Steinbeck short novel called Tortilla Flat. I am stoked about it.

Anyways. I just want to announce. I am going to be writing almost daily in my personal blog now. I wrote one I am quite proud of yesterday, it addresses our new and exciting Presidency. I just feel like it's therapeutic and productive and I love doing it. So that's a new goal. You can read my personal blog by looking to the left side of this page under the calendar and following the link. It's nothing too exciting, but I am stoked about it.

Also, Heather and Mikie....your last blogs were ruling. Everyone read them!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oh HAPPY DAY!!!!

I think we can all agree that this was a November 4 that we shall never forget!

My sweet husband got to share in the joy of this historical day in a personal way since it was also his 31st birthday. Here is Darin immediately post-vote:PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!Joey and Emma preparing to go in and cast their votes:We met Addie and Art for breakfast at Mel's. French toast and potatoes and eggs...yumm..And rampant patriotism. We are jazzed for the big day!Later, after school and work, we all met at Zack and Rebecca's house for the birthday/elections party. Here are the boys deep in discussion. Even Sinjin hung out with us! Debby and Christy came too but I didn't get any pics of them which I am so sad about!Seriously patriotic...Addie and I have never felt so happy to be Americans and to see real hope and change possible for this country. And this was BEFORE we found out the results!Addie made special cupcakes: Here's a close-up. As you can see they say "DARIN" and "OBAMA"!!! Yeah!!!!Just MOMENTS after 8:00 pm we find out the big news!!!! Welcome PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!It was a pretty emotional moment. Especially when we talked about the 109 year old woman, a daughter of a slave, who voted for Obama in Texas. This feels like a real moment of healing for our country.Watching Obama's historical victory speech. Even Sylvan is thrilled!

Later we got down to birthday business and Darin opened presents and had cake. Here he is with his present-opening-helper and the new Holga camera I got him.
All in all, it was a wonderful day. We were bummed, of course, that Prop 8 passed, but we know that it has also sparked an ongoing battle for civil rights that will not end here. Consciousness changes and hearts grow bigger! Remember the Grinch! Anyway we talked on and on about idealism and realism and political motivations and possible changes and expectations and social systems and all the associated concerns and joys. It was late when we finally all parted and although we have our political disappointments (Prop 8 eliminating citizens' rights) we also have much cause for celebration and hope. Prop 2 passed with a landslide vote, so at least we know Californians care a little about animals. Also we are going to get our new train! So good things are happening and nothing is gonna stop us a nation and also as a state we have great potential and the youth and the idealists have spoken.
Hooray for change! We know nothing is going to happen immediately, but I feel that this election represents a shift in values that will lead us to a better version of humanity.