Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A little bit of LA

You rent plants.


Matt this one is for you.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, I sort of hate to write something following Jarom's misadventure with the cracked forehead and the doctor's visit, but Heather keeps asking me to post a new blog with videos.
So, here’s the deal. Lately, I’ve been trying to get my video capture project off the ground. With Mikies help showing me how easy it can be done even by one who never had much experience with the equipment, and doesn’t need to study the process like a scientist discovering quarks and leptons (learned in my last church talk) and the persistent urging of my youngest daughter, prompting me to get on the ball or she will take over, I felt I better get going. (besides I’m dying to anyway, just always have other things of busyness) Actually, just kidding abt. Heather---She is just the best at keeping track of the effort and lending her support in a project that is just her ballywag (and she doesn’t waste any time) and I will love working with her. Adrienne is always encouraging me to make it a business. Anyway, in the process of capturing my first full Beatty video, I have run into many precious moments. So I will be putting small segments on the Beatty blog site as they come up. It’s a crazy thing, but as I am working at GSL each day, I have numerous thoughts and ideas come into my head as to things to say and display. By the time I get home (usually after 6 or later) I am energy drained and just have enough time for dinner, a meeting or whatever. At least that’s my excuse. But not for long.

So here’s a couple of videos of a certain lady that is soliciting dance session with two of her boys. The boys are precious for sure. But look at their mom. She is incredibly sweet in her demeanor and is delighting her sons with her motherly attention. Who is that angel anyway?

And here's the unforgetable Joey pumkin video

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The injured and the uninsured

Jarom's Friday night was eventful. Ten minutes after arriving at his Great-Nana's house in Salt Lake, he sustained this beauty of an injury. Luckily we were close to the Primary Children's Medical Center, so off we went, just he and Amy and I, for a good three and a half hour visit.

He was worried about it. He was very concerned about doctors and what they do. When we first go there, he said, "I don't want the doctors to make me die." But in the end he scored: ten stitches, a root beer slurpee, a stuffed moose, a "squirtgun" (syringe), and a bag of Cheetos from the vending machine.

On the drive home he called Mikie and Heather/Nana (sorry Papa, Adie, Joey, everyone else--by the way time we got off the phone with Heather and Nana he was fast asleep). He said some adorable things to them. He was very proud of his experience. One thing he said to us afterwards was, "Why did they use string to fix my head? My head's not made of string." He also kept saying that he "broke his head, and the doctors fixed it. They sewed it."

Here's the gaping wound. He was pretty mad about me taking this photo; I barely was able to do it (but he was so brave).

We held pressure the whole time!

At the hospital, already (almost) back to his normal self.

Playing. He actually played Leapster while we were there. It kept him occupied during the massively long hospital excursion.

Amy and Jarom on his hospital bed.

His doctor. She was incredibly nice and knew how to make Jarom feel better about the whole thing.

Spread-eagled, watching some cartoon on the TV.

Mother and son. Plenty of love going around here. Jarom kept telling both of us, "I love you, Mom," or, "I love you, Dad."

The cutest boy, even when beat up.

Wrapped like a burrito. They asked him if he wanted his arms free or to be wrapped like a burrito, and he chose burrito-style.

There's the surgery going on. He was really, really good. A tiny bit squirmy, but less so than I imagined he'd be.

The finished product.

And there he is with his loot.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is what i do

Before this weekend's over, here's a little sampling of our last weekend (Saturday at least). First we went sledding (saucering, tobogganing), then we went up to Park City and got new Vans for the kids.

Here's our sledding experience (make sure you watch the couch-sledders at the bottom):

pulling the kids

Oey peeking out

Jarom doing the hike

getting ready

at the top of our little sled hill

model child!

a little action

bella sledding

couch sledding!