Monday, August 31, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friends, kids, and Heaven at Glacier NP

Iceberg lake made it and well worth the hike

Setting out for an overnighter (kids and all)

Do you know how wonderful and valuable an experience this trip to Glacier NP was for me personally? There wasn’t a speck of miserable ness for me, maybe a little uncomfortable ness from time to time. However, because of the beauty of the park, the hikes, the picture taking, the pure exhilaration of all we saw and did, but mostly, mostly the connection/togetherness with each of you my sons and daughters and your wonderful companions (and children), plus the additional friends Stan, Nick, Martin, & Kyle, it was an experience of a lifetime. I am jealous of your youth, but marvel at your intelligence and exuberance for life. First of all, I’ll go to my grave knowing that the van shouldn’t have made it more than maybe somewhere southwest of Boise, Id. That’s what I expected. But I have an actual picture (you’ve seen it by now) of the van’s owner (Heather, who else) kissing it as we arrived in West Glacier not only proving me dead wrong but also certifying that the van is alive and well and not planning to give up just yet. Not only that but it chugged along up to and through Coeur d'Alene to Portland and down back to Sacramento/Placerville with only a brake job to cripple it’s journey for just a few hours. I give full credit to Heather for her faith in the black aging vehicle that hauled not only 7 grownups, but all their gear plus some from the Sentra crew.

I’m not sure why in retrospect the trip seems so so special. Here and there there were some difficulties that we had to face. It was hard first of all to get all our gear in the 3 vehicles (Matt and Amy were totally stuffed also) and then to repack when changing locations a few times was a major chore. It was hard to stay organized. And then we had to battle the rain off and on for the last 3 days. So you would think we would all be anxious to get back to the comfort and convenience of home. Not so. Most all wish we could have had more time to spend. I know that was how I felt. (Well it was nice to sleep in a soft bed)
I could draw this blog out to cover many pages, but I will just capture the many events, feelings, attitudes we all shared.
I Dan, hiked more than last year and did much better, so I came away somewhat proud of myself and more confident for future hikes. Some of the highlights of the week were:
· All of you excluding me, but including 3 little troopers that didn’t seem to have in inkling of difficulty, trekked out on a round trip hike that ended in a rain soaked trip back home and I didn’t hear a word of complaint, just how wonderful the outing was.
· We saw and learned about new life forms (I was amazed at the cluster of the pine trees all around—they were in greater abundance, growing closer together and thicker than anywhere I can remember) We saw elk on our hike to Iceberg lake, though far away; mule deer, moose (I guess on your overnite hike, lucky), a bear (well Heather and Em did from the van—Heather almost fell out of the van in excitement I was told) mountain goats—We Iceberg lake hikers saw a cluster of 19+ on the mountain side through another park visitor’s telescope—wondered where they call home and go home for the night.-- Ptarmigan(I think that is what they were called—resembles a grouse) along the trail to Iceberg lake. Lots of ground squirrels—bigger and plumper than I usually see—but cute; little chipmunks in the bushes all around scarffing the berries and not caring who was watching them—and remember the little bird in the nest with the mother nearby in our camp at East Glacier
· In all we probably took three thousand pictures of ea.other and of some of the most beautiful country in the USA and now have them on Flickr and elsewhere to view at will.
· The disagreeing during the trip was at a minimum—we laughed a lot and worked together especially at mealtime—thanks mostly to the ladies (but not exclusively) Memorable spaghetti feed on Sunday and a very yummy burrito wrap for our last in camp meal.
· My round trip to Missoula to take Mikie to the airport was not only a pleasure, but it is something to remember that it even took place during the trip—For Mikie it was---from our camping experience in GNP to Missoula airport to LA to Orlando, Fl. for 2 days and back to Missoula to be with the gang and travel back to Pville. … .
Of the much beauty we encountered during the trip, 2 things stand out in my mind—The amazing beauty and awe of Iceberg lake and the Blackfeet Indian production at the visitors center. I could go on and on because there were so many positives to this outing, but I’ll stop here and say that I am glad we chose Glacier for our trip this year and I love you all

And I say to myself ‘What a wonderful world’

Monday, August 24, 2009

to GNP we did go

song by Cloud Cult

young devil

name: tba

age: eight long weeks

origin: magic land of mystery town haunted village of joy

current location: the HDJE household; particularly the hidden cave of J and E.

future: where ever JE go, ever.

best friend: camilla.

I'm ready!!!

So it took me alllllllll morning long, but I went through all the photos!! We had the best trip ever and I'm missing you all so much. I think its time to plan more trips, short ones long ones and everything in between!!! Dar-De, Mikie and Adie start planning! Like I said, I'm READY!!!! Love you xoxoxoxoxooxxo

Friday, August 21, 2009

Earth was not created by Disney

Earth was a film created in 2007 by the BBC and originally narrated by Patrick Stewart. It was released internationally in 2007, except not in the US until 2009. Disney put its name on it, but Disney did not create it. The film was co-created with Planet Earth, designed to be a theatrical partner to the television series.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

here we go!!!!

practice run: sorry PHIL won't be with us this year, as he is heading off to his QUITE PRESTIGIOUS music school in the city.

but good old isis is ready to rumble on down these western highways.

we have a lot of fun in store, guys. can't wait.

see you all at 3 a.m.!!!!!! or tomorrow night in missoula!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Perhaps some helpful info

Hi all. I know I have been a terror and I am sorry I get so argumentative. Sorry, I am gonna do my best to just SHUT UP and go with the flow of things. SO here's some info I thought we could use as we utilize these last couple days to get ready for GNP! I thought I would repost Matt's Havasu list of camping stuff because I remember it being pretty thorough.
Also, I think you all probably know that it totally IS going to rain and that we have to not only bring rain gear for ourselves and bodies, but perhaps extra tarps for under our tents, and also....a true coat is a good idea. It gets COLD at night!

Here is a little excerpt about weather from a Glacier website.

Glacier's western valleys generally receive the most rainfall. Daytime temperatures can
exceed 90°F. It is frequently 10 to 15 degrees cooler at higher elevations. Strong wind
s and sunny days predominate on the east side of the park. Overnight lows throughout the
park can drop to near 20°F, and snow can fall anytime. In August of 1992, a foot of snow fell on the northeastern corner of Glacier.

Prepare for a variety of conditions and pack accordingly. You may start the day in a T-shirt and
shorts, and need a parka by evening. Dress in layers. Always bring raingear.

During the summer months of June, July, and August, daytime temperatures average in the
60’s and 70’s. Nighttime temperatures average in the 40’s. These are merely averages and
daytime highs can exceed 90°F and overnight lows can drop to near 20°F. Snow can fall anytime,
especially in areas above the treeline, where it is frequently 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

And here is Matt's list from last year. Maybe not everything is totally use-able on this
trip, but you get the picture. Love you guys. It's gonna be fun.

backpack (obviously)
sleeping/mummy bag, blankets will probably do just fine since it'll be so hot
water bottles: SIGG, Nalgene, canteen, whatever
stove + fuel (Dad, Joey and Matt have)
water purifier (Dad, Joey and Matt have)
mess kit + cup/mug
biodegradable soap (I like Dr. Bronners, because you can use it as soap, toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, etc.)
waterproof matches or lighter
good sunscreen
insect repellent
flashlight(s) -- LED flashlights are light and powerful
spare batteries for flashlight
bathroom essentials: toothbrush/paste, soap, contacts + solution, hair-ties, vaseline, spare contacts, etc.
biodegradable toilet paper (apparently there's a lack of it in the facilities)
first aid kit (I know Joey has one, anyone else?)
[contents of first aid kit: bandaids (including waterproof), butterfly bandage, ace bandage, waterproof tape, acetaminophen/ibuprofen/aspirin, snake bite kit -- there's a good list here]
camera + a good case + spare battery
disposable camera (just in case)
lotion (apparently we'll need it)
poncho (black garbage bag or two would suffice--rains expected!)
CamelBak or water bladder
dish scrubber
ziploc/plastic bags (good for camera protection and storing/carrying little items)
maps and field guides
carabiners to secure stuff to your pack
backpacking towel
sleeping mat
rain cover for your pack
rain poncho
I don't know girls' clothing that well, so this is what I'm bringing:
2 pairs shorts
2 t-shirts
maybe 1 long-sleeved shirt, but I'm not sure yet
maybe 1 pair of pajama-y pants or something, also not sure on this one
sweatbands (if you're me--yes)
good shoes or foot coverings of some kind, at least two pair: for water and/or hiking (I'm just bringing Chacos and flipflops)
socks (if bringing shoes/boots)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is a video i found on youtube that some dude made while riding his motorbike into Glacier via the Many Glacier entrance. I'm a total sucker for watching this and staring and getting way too stoked. The song is cool as well, does anyone know which Beck album this song is off? Umm so just check it out if you want and become as anxious as to me to be surrounded by those sudden jagged magnificent mountains.