Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's the winter. And the weird, inevitable occurrences that come with the cold months every year, but every year I find myself wondering whether or not I will make it through all of this; the summer remains an impossible glint only flickering around the edges of our imaginations.

and summer is a long way off.. but there is sunshine now.
and so I have a proposal:

I know not all of you are working all that often.
I also know that each of us struggles financially every day.
Third, I know you all miss summertime and the weightless cares of it as much as I.

With those things planted firmly in mind, here's my suggested idea:

Let's have a family rendezvous.

I mean, a gathering of all the powers of Us, in one location, where we can spend a day or two hashing out the realities of beauty and life, replenishing our withering winter spirits.

Let's start with Who,
Who's Included:
Those who know who they are. I avoid listing names, because I trust that chances are if you're reading this then you're already invited. Particularly, I'd like this not to be limited only to the Beatty Family, since there are so many more wonderful people in Placerville and Santa Cruz, etc, that I would like to attend. Our family is no longer bound by name.

March or April. The dates are up for discussion, but there would be adequate time for us all to gather a couple days off from work (and $5-10 in gas).

Sunny Southern California. I know it seems biased, since I am living here, but you guys don't really know how many cool things there are to do and see. So much art and movie-making and love. And it's my birthday next week, so I thought it would be nice if you guys came to visit my part of the world for once.

7 hours of driving. 2 days. 15 bucks a piece. 2 cars.
1 house to stay at. As many people as can fit.

What say you guys? Who's with me? Let's hearken the summer back, help whip the world faster towards the Sun in its annual journey around the Solar System?


Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a BOX!!!!-Oey

She is soooooooo loving this dress. It's the perfect princess dress!! And as you can see she is already wearing her Valentine Party dress. Today was the last day of school ( for four days) So it was a real party day and we all wore our red clothes. The package was most def the cherry on top!!

Even jarom thought his shirt was "awesome" in his own word.

Ogie, just diggin in. And I made sure to follow him around and eat the trail he left behind while my pictures were up loading. Never a wasted moment or candy here.

Bella digging in her box. She first had to line them up and say that saying - my mom says... your the best one! So, she did get the best one.

There was no name on this little beauty, but I REALLY see my name all over it!! no lie. Thanks so much for the thoughtful sweet gifts. We miss you but our hearts are soooo full of LOVE xoxo

"Is it a big box Oey?"-Jarom
"Yeah, B I G!"-Oey
Bella and I waited all day to open this sweet package. It called my name all day. As I did dishes or sat next to it, so lovingly. And it seemed to follow me with it label-The beatty family( Way better than just to the kiddos).

Jarom would like to know "why is there so much craft stuff?"
I have a feeling as soon as this candy is gone-thanks to me, oey and bella( I don't know where Jarom came from) they will be busy!!! Thanks again. I really can't put into the words how loved we feel. We are off to a great FOUR day weekend!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi my dear family.
I know you all probably know already but...........after much debate and some tears on my part....we are moving back to Peeves. And since no one's put a blog on here for days I thought I would at least make mention of that. I know I am a giant complainer in many ways, at least I have been around all of my dear family who puts up with it....but..........(wait for it........) I also know I can be one of the more optimistic folks on the planet as well! And what I have figured out is that I tend to have alot more optimism in my soul when I am surrounded with the people I love. Even if I get dramatic at times, my soul is generally far more stoked when I don't spend every day alone or watching movies with Art wishing that I could go drink coffee during morningtimes at 905 Darlington, or wishing I could drive through Em's work and get some town gossip, or go get a pizza at Heyday and wink at Stan and Joey, or meet some of the Pville sisters for Brewer's Night at the Brick Oven, or convince the gang to meet at Poor Red's and then head back to our house for poker, or stop by Dad's house and visit the ragtaggle crew of animals and help tidy the place up and tend to a garden, or go to Mel's with mom and hear about her latest plans for outfits, or stop by Emily's mom's new thrift store, or go swinging at midnight with the friends or watch the sun rise with the friends, or have Jocelyn and Dan come over and record their music, or have Scott Sowa stop by and visit us at 2am, or make random plans for new backpacking trips, or have everyone come to our living room and taste our new batch of beer, or have dance parties on any given moment, or have craft days with Heather, or go visit Beana and Cleeclee and C Piff and Abigail, and have someone who lives close by able to take care of our darlings so that we can go on a little trip.....I really don't mean to be a baby but I just don't have any of this where I am. And it's not like I am fresh new to this town. I have been living here on and off for 5 1/2 years.....so you would think by now I would be comfortable and have close friends. The thing is, our family is so close, so funny, so fun, so amazing.....it's hard to convince those who have never gone swinging and singing at midnight that it just might be something they WANT to do and not something that makes them embarrassed or feel weird.

Hope that covers it. I promise I will be a better sport, all the TIME, even stuck with Dad and Mikie fighting in a car. Even at Glacier if its 34 degrees at night and pouring unrelenting rain, even if Heather and I get into a drunken scuffle. See.....if I hadn't given this another shot..moving back to Grass Valley that is....I would always have taken all that stuff I listed a minute ago for granted, for the most part. But the good ol' Lord likes to remind you what's important. And he/she did alright. Or the universe did...or the Great Spirit did....or whatever you want to call it. No matter what anyone else thinks, I believe I have found my destiny, and I believe there is a God who helps out with that sort of thing, if you really want it and ask for it. And I believe my destiny is..... perhaps oddly if I were speaking to my 20 year old self, to live in El Dorado County as my homebase til I am an old lady. But not just that!!!!......To travel the WORLD from there.....!!! To visit all the National Parks with Placerville as my home base.....! To open a restaurant there! To be in more movies and participate in the community there! To help Placerville become a town that values creativity and art and kindness more and more! To learn how to make awesome websites there! To play shows and nurture my own music and anyone else's music that I can there! To not be caught up in stupid, petty, unrealistic, snobby stuff like who's cool and who's kind of famous and who's dad is who etc etc etc....... But to live from my soul and grow gardens and be with the family I love and the friends I love and plan great parties and galas and sing together and camp together and fall in love with the wilderness together and be thankful to the Universe/ God together, to have babies together and raise families together, swim in rivers together, go on road trips together, work hard together, laugh crazily together, cry with beauty together.....forever and forever......and for sure for the REST OF THIS LIFE.

And on that note, a video I started a long time ago...................... for you all!

Reign Of Love from Adrienne Beatty on Vimeo.