Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thought you would like this Heather!! xo

We had a busy day. These are the pictures from my camera so they are not the best and are not all the pictures of everything. Nana has the pictures on her camera from this morning's storytime when the kids got dressed up. But this is this afternoon we went over to BYU and fed the ducks. Oey of course had a blast throwing food to the ducks. And I was so glad your mom could be here to enjoy little things like this with the kids. It was so beautiful and warm. Just the perfect day. Felt like a dream just watching the kids run around the pond . This picture is of Nana and Oey pointing at the baby turtles.

See what a perfect fall day it was. I loved every moment of it.

All the kids looking at the ducks, we ran out of bread pretty quick.

nannie and oey, little buddies

Oey melts everyone's heart, nana is slowly winning oey's.

on the front steps eating ice cream

walking home from chasing the ice cream man down

Nana treats the kids, oey stunned that he got one too. This summer, Matt and the kids would chase down the ice cream truck. Oey and I would just watch them from the house and always they would come back with no treat for oey. It was always the most heartbreaking thing.

And there was a little of this

And some of this, carving pumpkins. We made homemade veggie pizza and Joey and Emily made me a apple caramel cake- yum!! Nana also worked in Jaroms class for over a hour, and will be helping with the Halloween party tomorrow. There is so much excitement in the air for tomorrow. Matt's work says they have to dress up for work and we get to go trick or treat there and then we will hit up center st. And Addie, thank you so much for my cute birthday skirt, I'm wearing it now!! The kids loved all there gifts too. I'll try and get Nana's pictures and Matt's for you tomorrow. We love and Miss you all. xoxo

Friday, October 24, 2008


hey everybody there
i wrote my second short story for my creative writing class and i posted it on my blog if you want to read it.


To the best momma: and wife:Sister:
and daughter:Your neverending charm, love, spirit and style

your uncanny ability to always make everyone smile
and the way you make everything fun and cozy

and your many cute poses such as this:
and how you are always up for an adventure

and an infinity of other lovely and wondrous things about you make the beattys (and me!) forever grateful for your presence in our lives. The universe clapped its hands with delight on the day you were born. You are a blessing and inspiration to everyone who knows you.
I hope you are having the most marvelously happy birthday although I know nothing can beat the surprise adventure you gave matt. Nevertheless, I hope your day is full of joy since you are always bringing joy to everyone else.
I love you and happy birthday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I respect the nomadic traveler; he has been through some and will inevitably be through some more. As a family I don't necessarily believe we are nomadic, even if we sometimes dream to be.
In other words, I feel that our place is not a temporary place for visits. What is more permanent than a memory? When all else fails, we still have them. I would like, in our sojourns, that we create more memories to add to the pool. It's a given that we will sojourn where e'er we go, and so this is a place for of comfortable retreat, a sanctuary, an unshakable place that stands in opposition to the temporary.
Maybe we should name our site "Sojourn Returns of the Family of Beattys"
just thoughts

Monday, October 20, 2008


I love to see people being reasonable...writing longer, well-thought-out advocations for their positions. One good example of this is the facebook conversation Matt has been contributing to; each person articulates him or herself with respect and dignity.

Here is a link if you are curious. I'm not sure if you can go to it or contribute without having a facebook account:

Here is an extremely enlightening and thoughtful website:

It is great to try to understand the other side to every story. To have respect for each other and then to vote according to what is right, not just from your own moral convictions but with true justice and mercy and freedom in mind.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Owl Told Me Not to Go

Youtube has despicable quality, I'm sorry. but here's a video -
music courtesy of Joey Beatty

Monday, October 13, 2008


it was my first trip to apple hill this year. mom and addie and i went up to camino, checked out the thrift store and then headed to high hill ranch where we pigged out on apple treats. it was almost closing time so the kid at the bakery counter hooked us up with some free doughnuts including an apple fritter! it was a gorgeous day and it now actually feels like fall.

diapered kitten

i keep asking joey to do a blog about the kitten. we have started using diapers on her to alleviate the messiness of her happy go lucky little existence. joey and emily have the best pictures, so for now i will just give you this video. i wish you all could have seen what joey and i saw the first time we ever put a diaper on her. she didn't know what to do for a minute and she stood up on her front legs like a circus kitten, kicking the back part and the diapered bottom up into the air behind her. so sad and cute, and we couldn't help it: we laughed so hard we cried.

luckily she is very adaptable and she gets around just fine now in her little diaper. first we had to use doll diapers but now we've moved on to these premie diapers.

here is our little girl harvest hanging out in her diaper. she is so cute, an absolute bundle of joy and love. she and bandini are best buds now; we have started leting her go outside and she goes flying across the yard chasing him and then he turns around and chases her and they go tumbling through the weeds and dirt where our pool used to be, head over heels, somersaulting, dusty and fast and rough and tumble.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

People in our Family

The video quality is really crappy, but its fun. What the heck.
Additionally, here's a couple more photos. Since nobody's posting lately.

use chopsticks whenever possible

I scared every single one of these birds away

La Bahia, Santa Cruz, CA

Shattered glass?

Palm trees sunset


Flowers outside our front door

I'm gonna be Candice for halloween

Monday, October 6, 2008

my wook o' the Neds

salivating heavily over salty tortilla chips, I've decided to contribute to the onslaught of beattyblogging that has happened today.
In no particular order:

Yesterday I watched the sunrise over Dallas...

and set in San Francisco

last week the economy had some trouble

airplanes are fun

so is having a home

who needs an economy when you've got Samuel Beam

children are way cooler than adults

Pioneer Basin is prettier from the air...

than Yosemite

Texas is full of cool stuff

But so is California

and I'm a very happy boy

Seeya guys!

Love mikie