Friday, May 29, 2009

Cemetery on Mon. Uncle Mickey on Wed-(Tues??)

I hate to push the handsome picture of Jarom down, but I just had a few pictures that tell what I've been doing the earlier part of this week.

Well, here is Stephanie gravesite. Just abt. 30 yards from her Grandpa Stephen. (that sounds weird) I wish I hadn't put the flowers where I did because it shows her day/year of passing. Oh well I'll take another sometime.

This memorial is on the north side of White Rock Rd in a little dip just before turning left onto Scott Rd. (going East) Matt you probably have seen this or an older one. The family has changed it numerous times since I've been driving by. I always slow down to look at her and think about the family who still grieve enough to keep it up to date. I tried once to find out about an accident that may have occurred here but to no avail. As you can see Sherri was her name. My great neice, Stephanie, (above) met this fate.

Now here's an important one. These things are on the lower lines (either phone or cable) all over. Anyone know what purpose they serve. They can't be weights because they look too light. Maybe the keep the line from twisting say with exposure to elements. Anyone, anyone........Could check online I guess. Bugs me

Monday,at the cemetery--Stephen's grave

Wednesday 5/27
Interacting with the elderly. Guess I better getused to it. Naaa! Anyway here's Uncle Mickey in Denny's--kind of skinny; doesn't eat much he says--he's 89

Arden, Mickey and me in Denny's in Galt

Some cool solar panels on the way home on Grant line Rd.
Wish I knew how to move the pictures around somehow.(These are all out of order). It would save time and not take so much effort to upload photos in the finished order. Any thoughts.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

has everyone seen this?

for some reason, i am insanely proud of this picture. i have showed it to everyone. he is the coolest looking kid i've ever seen. it makes me grin maniacally everytime i look at this:

Our choice is the right choice

Just wanted to post a couple of magazine tidbits I found recently:

Endangered Vacations
Glacier National Park
Going-to-the-Sun Road, a mountain highway in Montana, is all too aptly named. Less than 18 percent of Glacier National Park's glaciers remain, and they may melt completely by 2030.
(Discover, April 2008, page 74)

Q+A with Patricia Shultz, who wrote 1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Q: What place should travelers visit before they disappear altogether?
A: Glacier National Park. The glaciers may be gone in our lifetime.

(Via Magazine, May/June 2009, page 14)

And there we go.

Monday, May 25, 2009

along those same lines

i thought these were pretty funny...

until they started seeming just sort of sweetly sad...
and then i cried.

awkward family photos

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congratulations Heather

Congratulations Heather
Congratulations Heather
Congratulations Heather


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

see, pops, it's not so bad...

being unemployed! best time of year for this to get to hang out at the river with your kids. what could be better? do you prefer to be at work at a time like thanks!

thanks for coming to lotus with us dad. we had a great day monday and i hope before you get another job we can have a bunch more river trips!

Monday, May 11, 2009

dave and ashley's wedding

on friday i left on my lonesome for a jolly little trip down to LA to embark on a madly beauteous weekend of fun going to darin's brother's wedding. here i am having a little too much fun all by myself in my car, singing and watching the central plains of california pass by outside my window. so i drove straight into pasadena, got a bit lost, had to pee, it was hot, stuck in traffic, but i found them! at this beautiful place called Villa Del Sol D'Oro in a pretty little area called Sierra Madre. Got to see my happy honey, doing his job at the rehearsal.and of course, the beautiful couple: dave and ashley!
the rehearsal went smoothly. in fact, everything was perfect the whole time.

Here are some of the gorgeous architectural and design elements from around this place. it was basically like a rich man's castle that he built in 1922 in the "pure Italian Renaissance style." next morning we wake up at the gorgeous Langham Hotel and Spa after sharing a very expensive room with debby, matthew, deedee, and sinjin. look at the grounds of this place. it cost $25 extra to have our car valet parked which is not an option. wwwwaaaaayyy too fancy for me. but i was quite impressed with the grounds/christie and debby in the morning. darin writing his speech which he was nervous about. he had to talk during the actual ceremony. and by the way, he pulled it off grandly and many random strangers came up to him and told him how nice his speech was.and i am supportive, enjoying the deliciously comfy to take a tiny ramble around pasadena and found this little farmer's market. there are multiple farmer's markets on a daily basis around there. one of the little perks of having to live in such an otherwise nightmarish area. no matter how much people complain about LA, though, there are still an awful lot of people living there! something must be going right.saturday at the villa, darin getting all done up by the wonderfully organized and cheery wedding coordinator, kristen. what a doll. this was HIGH-MAINTENANCE STUFF!We took some portraits in front of this gorgeous wall. I ended up hanging with Dylan and Sinjin most of the time, talking their ears off as you can see here. Somehow I always end up with the youngies. Here's me talking to Ashley's beautiful mom Susie and Dave looking REALLY HANDSOME! All the boys looked so good in their suits; it is nice to see them all spruced up! I don't have pictures of the actual ceremony but here are Dave and Ashley sitting down in their place of honor for dinner. Don't they look dazzling?!!

My favorite shot of them: Ashley's dance with her dad DJ who is a sweetheart and a gentleman.

We found a cheap motel late that night in a different section of Pasadena. The utter opposite of the Langham, but much more affordable! Although it was nothing impressive inside, I thought it was kinda picturesque in the morning.

Before heading out of town we found this fruit vendor that I insisted at stopping at and we bought a bag full of delicious chopped up fruit and veggies sprinkled with chili and lime....
As you see here....unfortunately on the way home I ate the entire bagfull and gave myself a bit of a tummyache!
but still, we had a nice trip home and here i am relaxing while i head home with my hubby. it is always nice to get home to the familiar streets and shady places and good friends of HOME!