Tuesday, January 11, 2011


mikie thank you for posting this morning and reminding me to get on the ball...i've been wanting to do this for days. okay guy, i have a suggestion of dates for our Teton Trip this summer. I have pulled this week out of the hat so to speak just because it is the week of the full moon in July. I think it will be an excellent time to travel and i want everyone to be able to agree upon dates early so we can take time off and plan for this NOW!

so my proposed dates are: JULY 8- 17.

if anyone has problems with these dates or has another suggestion, please write back as soon as possible! i am just putting something random out there to get this discussion started.

i think it's going to be really good for our family to do a big trip again this year. let's start talking!

matt you're in charge of info about the 3 campgrounds you are suggesting and the different parts of wyoming that we are planning to see. let us know whenever you get a chance, k? i would love to buy a book or get one from the library if you have any recommendations.

anyone have comments, ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams, please write them! i love you all. let's make crazy memories together!!!
Happy new year everyone, let's write blogs again. shall we?
I miss our musings. Beatty's, unite.

Beyond that, hello and goodbye. I love our family.