Tuesday, June 23, 2009

backyard bbq for pops

the set up (aka my new thrift store chairs!!)
the CORN:
the cute stuff:
the chefs:
the POPS himself!

the pops with the babe: the boys are back in town!and the goofiness that always must ensue whenever beatty fun is happening!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Guy

Well, it has officially been one week since my little red boy Banjbee ran off. We have tried everything. We have flyers everywhere, we have gone door to door, we search every square inch of the neighborhood every single day, I have gone to the animal shelter, posted ads on craigslist, filed a missing report with animal control, etc etc etc. I guess we just all have to hope that Banj will come waltzing in one day, even if that day is far away.

Everyone around the neighborhood is looking for him, even calling us when they think they see what could be Bandini wandering around. We have heard that he has a cut cheek and it is KILLING ME to not be able to take care of him. Every time the phone rings my heart stops. This has seriously been the hardest thing on my body and mind. I miss my sweet Banjeet toooo much.

Here he is, loving the new girl Camilla (which is now officially her name), literally SECONDS before I let him outside, the last time I saw him :(

I think he finally decided to give in to her sweetness, but it still hurt his heart that I brought her home. (I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but I know it to be TRUE). He would just moan when he looked at me and even back up when I tried to pick him up. My only hope is that he realizes how much we love him and remembers how much he loves us, and heads home FAST!

My Bandy and ME!

I know Heather has posted a couple blogs on her blogsite, but I guess the point of this is to remind everyone to keep tiny bandini in your thoughts/prayers/dreams. I just keep closing my eyes and imagining him trotting towards me, and I think thats just the sort of thing we all need to do. Love you all, lets bring banjbee home!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

madame adriana

"she slipped in through the side door lookin' like a queen without a crown"
The Madame owns the brothel and all this town's dirty secrets...
she sees the comings and she sees the goings going down...
she can whisper sweet nothings and she'll keep em' entertained...
until the day she's called upon to defend her lonely boys...
In the heat of the moment she maintains her poise.
Beguiling Lass of Bodie, strength and freedom are her arts

There's only one match for this Queen of Hearts

Thursday, June 4, 2009

darin the assassin

"he took whatever he wanted and laid it all to waste"
first day in town and the gunslinger's optimistic...
this is gonna be an easy job...meets up with his boyz...could use a smoke and a rest after
some hard horse travel

sudden ambush...and the night ignites
in a blaze of gunfire and the ladies' cries
"the next day was hangin' day, the sky was overcast and black,"
the pinkerton's caught him...he must think fast

suddenly saved by the squaw's secret alibi...
a match made in heaven...
or at least the cloudy streets of bodie

Emilia the Innocent

"teeth like pearls shinin like the moon above"
she was the sweetest lil gal in town,
beloved daughter of the town's old mayor.
delightful as a child,
but with fleeting clouds in those bright bright eyesthose brothel women took her in, taught her the ropes, taught her to sin...and then she met up with a troubadour who
took her hand and led her away into the night...
gave her a gun, taught her to fight...now there's nothing to fear and there's nowhere to hide,
as a sweet young lady becomes a songwriter's bride.

Arty Von Barron - the Ladies Man

"came in from the east with the sun in his eyes"
our dashing gentleman is a bit apprehensive when he first arrives in this wilderness outpostbut then he meets Madame Adriana, keeper of the brothel, and finds a new pride.
with her by his side, he feels like the greatest man on earth...
tough enough to defend his lady and her town against a mischievous band of outlaws who have taken over the brothel's ruined outbuildings...

until the showdown, he realizes it was the sheriff and his goons that were corrupt.
this realization hits him like a ton of bricks, right in the gullet.
you were right, he must concede, and we'll join the bandits in the night

Arty and Adriana, ready to strike out across the mountains together.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ghost Town Saga

the posse -- in a WORLD where nothing was certain,
EVERYTHING was possible...
gold was their currency,
blood was their motive,
love was their dream...
star crossed lovers....
she has never known passion like this before...

the maiden...the mayor's daughter. from schoolgirl to outlaw,
she dreamed of running away with her love...

the traveling musician...an innocent and a poet,
making eyes to the prettiest girl in town,
he never saw the earthquake coming...

the ladies' man...the new guy in town,

with a pocket full of gold and dark silken locks...and a look that could kill.
the starlet...she comes in on a wagon under the clouds
and the sun begins to shine,
every man turns his head...

the gunslinger...he has a mission and won't stop until blood is spilt...
danger in his eyes and a curse upon his lips,
there's no telling where his shadow roams

the detective...shrewd and cunning...always on your trail,
don't look behind you as the dust rises
the madame...just look in her eyes and you know where you've been...
never lets a good one get away

the Squaw...she came in from the prairie,
and made the brothel her home...
only to escape for some adventures of her own.
and the story goes on and on...

sneak peak - bodie pics

there are about a thousand more where these came from. but they are too wonderful and it was all just too good to not share immediately. so here are some pictures from our recent foray into the eastern Sierra country ghost town of Bodie.

gorgeous Emma, Bodie princess, the treasure of the mountainside.
bandit boys...a gang of outlaws.
Art is the dandy, Joey is the kid, Darin is the assasin, and Manuel is the sheriff.
the haunted maiden sweeping through the streets

solemn sisters of the goldrush, ladies of the night