Thursday, July 30, 2009

some information regarding stuff, and money

So tonite I went ahead and reserved two campsites at Fish Creek Campground in Glacier for our first two nites there. If you're interested, the campground is located just northeast of Apgar at the West Entrance of the park, on the shore of Lake McDonald (the largest lake in the park.)
We are sites A4 and A6, in Loop A of the campground. They are right next to each other and each site allows for 8 people (two sites equalling 16, which is exactly how many we've got) and two vehicles.
So now everyone owes me $6.00 for the two nites (just 3 dollars per nite per person.) (matt and amy im not sure the deal with little O and whether or not he even costs money but we'll just talk about that later aight?) Anyways, everybody can just hook it up when we get the site. I think this was probably a pretty good choice, so now there is some significant stress eliminated.

SO!!! Here is some developed planning which has gone on this last day:

Everyone who leaves from Placerville, 11 of us, (joey emma heather darin mikie candice adie dad stan nick martin) in the van and dads car will be leaving at 4am (or earlier, or no more than 12 minutes later... ) With that I figure we'll be getting into Missoula anywhere between 9pm and midnite, at which point we'll be meetin up with matt and amy, inc. From there we'll get ourselves a hotel room (probably 2) and sleep a good sleep. All of us. Then, we all get up early due to childlike christmas-morning-esque excitement, and go get coffee/breakfast/brief chilling in the beautiful city of Missoula.
Check-in at Fish Creek is at 1pm, and I'd like to try and arrive there as close to that time as we can achieve, so as to fully take advantage of our campsite/ground slash the beautiful everything which will be all around us. That means it'd be smart to leave Missoula around 10am. So can we please try and get up around 7-8am and get our stuff done so we can get up there early? that'd be great.
From there our time in Glacier begins and the rest is up to the universe's infinitely puzzling game of time.

So, pops wanted me to post something that might sort of thing which deals with money and the potential costs for certain things, particularly things we'll be sharing the cost of. SOOOO I was thinking it'd probably be wise for everyone to try and have about 200 dollars in cash so we can easily split costs for things like campsites, backpacking permits, occasional shared food, entrance fee, etc.
Me and Emily went to mapquest and calculated the gas costs (approximate) for the trip to the park. It equalled out to about 60 dollars per person. As far as I know we are going to pool our gas money just like we did last year when we went to Havasupai. So, everyone riding in the van and dads car will put 60 dollars in a single pot and we will use that to fill up both vehicles along the way. That amount of money (for 11 people would be 660 dollars total) will most likely be a little more than we will need, so once we get to Many Glacier on Tuesday August 11th (that is as far as me and Em figured it out, so we would have gas costs included and pooled for just about all of the driving actually being done in the park) the remaining munz will be doled back out to everyone accordingly. Probably like a couple bucks each. We'll see, but that should cover distance to Missoula, Missoula to Fish Creek, Fish Creek to St. Mary along Going To The Sun Road, St. Mary to Babb (where we'll spend a nite), and Babb to Many Glacier. Does this make sense to everyone?
I am going to try and have about 260 dollars in cash, which includes my gas pool money, so I'll make sure to have plenty of cash for splitting technical stuff.

Also, dad wanted me to make a sort of list-thing which includes different things to consider that we'll have to be paying for. So here goes:

Campsite costs(6 dollars to me so far)
Park entrance fee(25 dollars per vehicle, which lasts a week. Right Matt?)
Occasional food being shared, if we so decide
Backpacking permits for whoever is interested in going (5 dollars per person per nite)
Parking fees (im totally unsure of whether or not this is even relevant, it just popped into my head. ill look into it later. maybe at trailhead parking lots of something...)
Motel fees (Missoula, and most likely in Babb on Monday nite after Going To The Sun Road.)

Okay thats really all I can think of. Im going to end this blog now. but hey we are leaving in one week so if anybody has anything to talk about please comment about it so we can get it figured out.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Glacier Meeting

When: Thursday, July 30th 2009
Where: Heather's House
Time: 10:00pm
Who: Everyone from California who's coming
What: Discussion of the logistics of the trip, including (but not limited to) the following -

*Van and Nissan Gas $$ Pooling
*Who's riding in what vehicle
*Food, and the subject of pooling for food
*Trip Itinerary to the hour, for every day
*Mikie's Orlando Insanity
*Possibility of Motel stops if necessary
*Adrienne's Greyhound Ride from CA to MT
*The return trip, and what exactly is going on
*Any additional topics in need of discussion

If you feel you have some information that would be helpful to bring to the table in this meeting, please be prepared to talk about it. Joey if you could put together an in-park itinerary that would be wonderful. Adie, could you work on figuring out gas prices for each vehicle? Matt and Amy, consider yourselves the lucky ones :-)

Be there or be a melted glacier!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay everyone, this is very important.

This is Kingsford. He is a piglet. He is a house-piglet. And I want him so bad.

First of all, I have to apologize for the song that is playing in the background of this video. It is, quite possibly, the most annoying and horrible thing Ive ever the video on mute, if you so choose.

I love how he follows his daddy around the house. such a loyal little friend. So what do you say, guys? Dont we need a little Kingsford around here?!?!?!?!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Emergency Beatty Blog

Hey guys. It's Mikie. I have a situation and I need your help.
I just got another call from the Mouse People and they have scheduled me for a 365 shoot between August 14th and the 16th in Orlando, Fl. Which means I'd need to be in LA on the 14th of August, and not Glacier National Park.
Dad's here and he's talking to me about this too. He says I ask for your guys' help. Basically it's this: I might not be able to do the trip because of this and I was wondering if anybody has any ideas of suggestions. The best possible scenario that I can come up with is that you might be willing to change the dates of the trip to a week later so that everybody could go worry-free. The worst scenario is that I don't go at all, because traveling to Montana then LA over seven days is unreasonable.
I'm very stressed about this. Help would be wonderful.
Love you all


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

love is in the details

oh my family family family

how i love thee, love thee, love thee!

from cozy cream-o-wheat morn at papa's house:

to the frenzied but ever-fun river trips:

backyard barbecues:

to etsy photo shoots!

to ALL THE KIDS being together in one place!!


you guys are amazing, fam, and i love you. now we just need some photos of MOM's WEEKEND ADVENTURES!

and of course, upcoming, angora lakes scanned in polaroids. or should i say "roids." woo hoo!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

1991 video segments

Joey is the 4 year old star to both these video segments, but Matt and Mikie are great in supporting roles in the swimming pool fun. Susan is the teacher for Joey in the second video as he does thumkin and 5 monkeys arrangements..No wonder he has always gotten attention that he sometimes didn't really want. Everyone always had fun with Joey. I've really been on a video roll here lately. I don't even watch most of them as I set up the capturing device for 30 minute segments and then go do something else. But I catch cute moments like these and want to have them out there to view. Anyway more to come until you tire of them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1986 (no Joey yet)

1986---I keep running on to cute video segments and want to share the moments. These were some very joyous times and memories. Though tempted to show off when having a video of oneself, these things were a regular part of life and happened by the probable thousands whether in a video setting or not (way more mostly not) In this one I notice how well Adie did her cartwheel and I should have praised her because they were great cartwheels, but oh well. Also, look at Matt’s expression when he discovers that I ate the banana and supposedly threw the peal on the roof. He follows that up with a look that shows the caring and wonderful young man that he was(and has become). What great kids we have.

1986---Well I’m only showing the next one because at the time Adie asked me to be the subject(oversize glasses were the thing back then). I did most of the videoing but Adie came in second and liked to video. Anyway I proceeded to goof around as typical, and Mikie came to sit on my lap. I didn’t get into too many videos so I figured I’d show how I came across back then on this one. Susan shows up at the very end. (No Joey on the scene yet)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


it was so fun to have amy and the kids here for a few days even though i was totally out of it from work. here are a couple pics from our fourth of july barbecue. CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU GUYS COME BACK!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Easter 1992

Here is a segment from a 1992 video I put on the computer here recently. It starts with an Easter trip we took that year to San Francisco. Joey is cute as usual in the beginning, scooting down stairs on his fanny. Then I scare Susan (she'll probably be mad at me for showing it) as we cruz down one of the streets in SF and then a short clip of our good buddy back then, Chuckie. He was an active little guy and had lots to say, didn't he.

On that same video, I ran into a production that was done at the church; I think it was up here at the Placerville building (I guess it had to be since it was in 1992) Matt and Mikie were both in it and so was I. Matt and Mikie were dancers in the play and I was one of the adults acting out something about a blue haired king or something. I think back and my role was kind of dorky, but the boys did a good job of dancing. If I get a chance, I will take a small portion from it, especially where the boys are dancing.

On another portion from this video is about a 7 minutes, mostly of that Easter Sunday but starting with a scene with Joey and I think it is taken in Fresno at the Tuckers, but I’m not sure. Then on to Easter Sun. 1992 and the Easter basket hunt that ends (as is usually the case) with Mikie looking for his basket, finding it and really upset because he is given too many clues. But all ends OK as Joey shows his love for his big brother (well you’ll see).
It ends with the start of our loaded Van and our trip to SF (with by the way, Adies friend Christie who is visiting us, sharing our Easter tradition activities)

And just to draw these videos out even more, I’ve included a segment that starts with Susan walking in SF with Matt and Joey hand in hand and then some video of all of us at a wishing well type of large fountain. Mikie tosses his coin then Joey thinks of his wish and tosses his coin. Matt is doing his own thing, exploring here and there as he is known to do; probably looking for hieroglyphics on the brick of the Ghirardelli stores. Includes the whole family along with Christa.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009