Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where to, kids?

Beloved Beats! I know we are pretty crazy busy- hence no further much discussion on our Annual Beatty Wildernessfest thus far. I want to help change that. Heather and Dad and I are gonna try to make some real life contact with our loved ones this upcoming week (when we go and see Mikie in LA!)...and in April (when we go and see the Rampant Beattys in their new house in Provo!)....but nevertheless, I miss the heck out of ALL OF US TOGETHER!!!!! Don't you remember my apology blog for being such a ROYAL BRAT at Glacier last summer....see "Planning in Advance" below. I really am starting to crave some togetherness. We can't forget about SOME kind of family camping extravaganza this year!!!? C'mon, someone get us excited! Give me a lead and I will!!! I realize perhaps it's an off-year as far as traveling far, far away :( (though you could convince me otherwise!)....but where to then?

I have heard rumours of:
Sequoia/ Kings Canyon
Twin Lakes
Lost Coast

and in my veins I myself long for

Also, please don't forsake our family blog forever!!! It makes for selflessness and family connection.......

Some inspiration.