Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Wisest

To our Stormy. Our wise owl, our loyal shadow. Thank you for the years we have known you, thank you for the love you constantly reminded us to share with the world. Thank you for your gentle and giant heart.

Now you are free and the universe can be at peace. You are floating above flowing rivers, drinking them as you please, and swimming next to your sister Star as reflections of your friends pass you by in the water, and yes, that includes our faces too. Thank you for your final gift to us: passing on so peacefully.

We love you, and support you on your journey.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

oh there's no place like somewhere entirely new for the Holidays

Hey. It's Mikie. What is up.

Rain, as of right now. I just turned the 5-minute walk between my house and downtown into a 15-minute slippery-car fest of mish-mashed left turns and a full parking structure. It's bloody pouring.

I have to say, it's beautiful. There's something that feels quite good about smothering rain and millions of people.

Amy and Heather told me to post pictures of my journeys of late - of which there have been many, and all passed-by unphotographed; I have no working camera.

So instead I will recount as much as I can in a list-like fashion, in no particular order:

enthusiastically pumping fist into a camera, for Budweiser

hundreds of miles of sunset and silhouettes

USC screening room and film students' shorts

the Public Storage gate closing just after stepping through it

singing Christmas Carols where James Dean died

sitting in fake high school hallway writing poetry and a lesbian porn

the city lights decked like a sparkling Christmas Tree

drinking Hoegaardens and talking about a two-story KFC at Lucky Baldwins

owning cozy towels from K-mart

car not starting at a gas station 'til it smokes

across a lake at night lies Cinderella's glowing castle

hot pastrami sandwiches and beer

Heat-seeking Venemous Python of Love

shattered wine glass and paper towels

Plumber knocking on bedroom door while fast asleep

scummy shower "before" and "after"

dancing to Michael Jackson with the excellent cast of The Big Bang Theory

Rocky mountains covered in snow

at a pew in Catholic cathedral, looking into Mary's eyes and marveling

snow-capped mountains in every direction

Minoo, Gil, Dani, Shane, Ryan, Deanna, Dean, amazing.

lost walking around Paramount Studios

soaking wet in tent on the set of Bones

tossing vacuum filter into the air to clean it

smacking vacuum filter on the cement to clean it

car not starting in the rain

unemployment application papers everywhere

Phillipines dancing with colours

the anticipation and not-knowing

the comfort of being surrounded by thousands of people

what humans are capable of

Those are the pictures I would have taken had I a camera. Maybe for Christmas Dad would be willing to lend me his old one with a package of batteries from I can actually take some pictures for you guys.

That's all. I love you. Merry Christmas so far,
we've got a looong way to go


some girl just pulled the fire alarm. WOW

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Haps in Geeves...Snow at Christmastime!

Well here we are in Grass Valley, CA. Just close enough to the Ville to go to special functions....just far enough way to get lonesome for everybody all the time!!! But, we are off to a great start as far as having a cozy little house goes! A few tidbits from our world.

Grabby and Owl! Our pumpkins.

Grabby and his Doppelganger...................on the left by the metal post. That is our neighbor's yard. He cuts tons of wood and dries it.

Who's stalking him. You might have to blow up the pic but that black thing on the center left is another Grabby-looking cat. Looking right at him.

Marma visited. Dad did too but I didn't get a pic on my own little 3megapixel camera.

We made a homemade sushi feast. Sometime in November.

I made apple pie from the Granny Smiths on our own tree here!

We are yet in the middle of crafting and fermenting our first home brew!

We went shopping at Target at 10:30pm. Much better than crowds.

I visited the lovely and beautiful Stormy, whom I wish lives another seven or ten years.

We realized the snow had already begun to fall last night before I got home to decorate the tree! So, we shook it off vigorously...and Art carved the bottom so it would soak in the water.

Every year we forget to trim the bottom branches off. Then - after trying to get the tree to not fall over for about twenty minutes- we remember the year before's same problem and start ALL OVER!

Our finished tree! It's so pretty. This year our theme is white, and 50' the lights are white. And the snow was white outside the window, falling the whole time we decorated it!! We were up til 3:20 in the morning. Watching the snow fall, listening to Christmas music pretty effin' loud, and hanging up our ornaments. Here is one of our views into the house from the front carport in the evening....

And though we saw it pouring down snow all night, there was more to come! We woke up to this today! The best Christmas season present ever.

Our little red house.

Some blue sky even peeked through.

Our front deck!
This is our camelia bush. I love how it looks like tiny paw hands are all over it.

Art shoveling our non covered front porch!

Our neighbor's Charlie Brown Christmas tree. He is really cool and lives in this little trailer next to an old cabin (see below).

Even the mail lady got out and about during the day! I got a dress in the mail!!!!!

I love snow shoveling. It feels pretty natural and smooth and it's fun like a ride! Anyhoo....just a little touchdown of our goings-ons here. I skipped many, but that's cause I don't take that many photos! Hopefully I will see alot more snow photos in the coming days. I hear Matt and Amy got PLENTY. And Placerville is snowed in with no power!!! Can't wait to see the documentation of such cold and icy adventure. Love you kids!!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Do I love these so?!

Im sure pops shares my overboard enjoyment in these stupid, dorky videos.

Here is lone Adrienne performing her holiday routine for us all, jigging her booty off and working up quite a sweat (Id imagine!!) Oh Adie, a true pro you are.

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And the Brothers Beatty with their beautiful ladies, in perfect unison and form!

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okay, those are my last ones. Love you guys. thanks for being dorky with me. HAPPY DECEMBER!



Hip Hop was a new option this year. Here is me, joey, heather, darin and stan. YEAAAHH.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Three Kings, Three Gifts, Our family Christmas List

Hi yall. Tis been forever since I myself have written on this family dealy, but I have been thinking of this particular idea for a few days now and thought I'd write it in. I did bring it up at Thanksgiving at Heather's and people liked the idea, or at least Mom said so, so I thought I would make it public.
We aren't the richest people this Christmas, not that we ever have been, but I think we could all agree that this Christmas is going to be the true-est Present...a most sparing, most lovely but a less extravagant Beatty christmas. A Magi or a Charlie Brown kind of Christmas. I love that though. I love the idea of gifts being fewer but more precious. We may not have riches of the shopping kind, but we all KNOW FOR SURE that us Beattys have riches of the soul and of the heart beyond anything we could ask for.
So, the idea:
We each add to the Christmas list THREE items that are probably purchasable that we would like. All under 30 bucks or so. Maybe a couple more if the items are real inexpensive. And between the many of us, we get our gifts. That way, instead of us all feeling like we HAVE to get everyone something....perhaps we can go in on gifts together. So like Heather, Me, Darin, and Art can get Dad one of his gifts. Or Matt, Amy, Mom and me can get Mikie one of his gifts. That way we all collaborate a little bit more, and we SAVE money!! We take the burden especially off Mom and Dad (who totally can use the break) and we take the burden off ourselves so much! And then, as far as homemade gifts go....whole different story. We can make something for everyone if we want. Or not. Whatever....for the most part I am talking about store items.

So here's my list.
The Body Shop Olive Dry Oil Mist
Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Shimmer Lotion Body Cream
Tights and socks (black socks that are anklets with lace or tights like Heather's from Urban Out)
and (already breaking the three rule!)
Jason Ester-C face cream

What do you kids think?? Because I can think of a million things that I would like to have or own but really I don't need anything else in my life but love. And also, I have everything, I would only be wanting a new one of something I already own and all my stuff works great so why bother just for materialism's sake. Plus I am hoping Arthie and I get Iphones for each other for Christmas and that's like 20 gifts in one! And if there is something one of you loves really wants that's more expensive... then fine, please write it on the list!!! I mean for all I know, this might be a little TOO bare bones for you kids......This is just an idea, a guide line............

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Flickrtime, baby!

I have been without a camera since Glacier. Candice, however, has been kind enough to let me use hers recently. (If only I had a camera to been have capturing my insane homeless rompings around LA, Claremont Hollywood and Florida! Maybe I should capture it via text.)
Anyway, here's a window into what I just put on Flickr:

And the rest of you guys should start uploading to Flickr again, because you HAVE cameras and I know you use them!!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bubber Gup

Everyone send out healing thoughts of love to our gentle giant, Stormy. The poor guy seems to be pretty sick and needs our support real bad. We are hoping good ol' Dr. Robinson can squeeze him in tomorrow morning, we are going to sort of insist. So, come on Mr. Stormy, you're a big puppy with a big heart and we just love you to pieces.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our Beautiful, Sweet, Generous, Compassionate, Thrilling, Adventurous, Hilarious, Festive, Cheerful HEATHER IS 33 YEARS OLD!!!!

I dont know about you guys, but I have a wonderful feeling about this year for Heather Elaine Beatty Spring. With so many beautiful things she puts out into the universe, how could there not be a million whimsical and wonderful things in store for her?

Heather, how lucky we all are to have you. What incredible memories we all have with you, and what EXCITEMENT is in store for the future! Here she is, everyone, Miss Heather Beatty.

Bright and cheery, and a priceless help, Here she is helping us paint our sunflower kitchen.

A wonderful Aunty, she is always up for some play...

And some love..

And some flying...

You couldnt ask for a better travel companion! Whether it be a quick and crowded spur-of-the-moment jaunt to San Francisco...

Or a journey into another time

Or down a tearful memory lane (or to a local bar, for that matter...)

Or clear across the country for a presidential event

She is CRAZY


A one of a kind Lover

And sister

And Daughter

And Friend

Heather, words could never express how much light and warmth you bring into our lives every single day. You are a unique soul that blesses us endlessly, and I feel like we were all supposed to know you, in some cosmic way. How else could we be so lucky?