Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beattyites PLEASE post your Christmas needs and wants!

Hi friends.

I know we all have been away from this blog, which makes me a bit sad. We all are so into our OWN thing lately but we should try to reconnect here at least sometimes! Anyways, this time it's inevitable, because we need an interface/web-place where we can all see each other's Christmas lists! So PLEASE....leave a comment with your wishes! Include big stuff, little stuff, pricey or cheap.....I know none of us has much money this Christmas, but this list will inspire ideas!

Amy and Matt please include the kids!

My two cents.....the teacher and most-kind Jesus is the reason for the season. He was the tiny baby that came from the sweetest love of all. If you aren't a believer, at least remember at this time of year how lovely it would be if the world had unconditional love, and maybe think of something kind you could do that's out of the ordinary. I like the Winter Solstice celebrations too, but I really mostly love how Christmas inspires people to be kind to each other. Even if in parking lots in the shopping madness not everyone heeds the call.....:) In the end, according to Jewel, only kindness matters. It's the true meaning.

Thanks all


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Down to the Lodge

Can you remember where and when this was. Take a look at Matt's pics on Flickr for the full (so beautiful) view of the scene. So memorable