Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just a quick few happy thoughts for us all!

The sun is finally shining in Placerville today, and I have woken up with tears of joy in my throat. Everything I see is choking me up. We are all so lucky and so beautiful and so free and so healthy and so FULL, like the pink moon over our heads right now. Our lives revolve around the perfect things: love and compassion, wind and the world turning, flowers and tree bark, photographs and memories, secrets and honesty, fireplaces and big chunky ceramic mugs, kitties and their paws, renewal and inspiration, EACH OTHER!

Thank you for all of you and for all that we have together. Just look around you today. Isn't life perfect in its chaos and in its blooming? Spring is here. We are together at heart, always.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer Trip Okay?

hello everybody.
so i was thinking, we have not had anybody plan a trip of any kind yet for this summer. so i am just going to throw something out there. last year mikie suggested going to sequoia and kings canyon national parks. i think that would be a really good idea, considering their not-so-far distance from placerville and the fact that they seem totally amazing. also i (and a few others ive talked to) was thinking that instead of doing something for a week or two, we should revert to our old school 3 night family camping trip like we always used to do at places like green creek or twin lakes. what do you guys think of that? i figured it would really make things easier and more doable since everyone seems to really kind of have a lot on their plate these days. i know i sort of do.
maybe a sunday through wednesday in late july? there are lots of regions of the park so we are going to have to buckle down and pick one to spend a few days in. im sure they are all splendid. everyone check out their website:
do some research and we will put something together.

here is a neat picture.

while I'm at it..

Check this out. From work last night. Look closely

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey guys, here's a show I did recently that never really came on until now. If you haven't seen it already, here ya go. I don't know why it shows up only halfway, so maybe click the video to go the actual page for it.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Papa sees Delicate Arch

He had just come around the bend.
Now read Pop's blog below!

A Day at the Arches

Balanced Rock--I left the folks in picture to show size to object relationship

This was taken by Matt and shows me under the arch—mammoth, huh

Delicate Arch from another view as sun was about to set, giving the arch a more colorful look

We had a fabulous time with our visit with Matt and Amy and their fine family this last weekend. Thought before Heather or Addie post pictures etc, I would mention an incident that stands out to me emotionally....On our trip the first day, Saturday, we visited 2 particular rock formations that left me pondering how nature had formed them, as well as the beauty all around, and there was beauty everywhere. Well the first sight that was particularly special was called Balanced Rock. A huge rock or bolder that sat seemingly precariously on its mount and I had to see it from every angle. So I did. I took many pictures. It wasn't just beautiful, it was awe-inspiring as was our next visit that day, Delicate Arch. Getting to that point to was a little bit of a hike (one and half miles I think) It was a pretty easy hike. Anyway, the incident that I was referring to was when I was just coming up on the view. The hike itself was interesting with many cites to view along the way. As I recall, I wasn’t the last to get to the point of viewing and as we were nearing, which meant traversing a kind of narrow path around what I will call a mountain but is really another gigantic rock formation among the many is that area, I saw Adrienne up ahead looking at me intently as I was approaching. She had been there once before so she just wanted to see the look on my face as the view opened up. Well, her expression as I approached will stand out to me in my memory as much as the great Delicate Arch itself. She was excited to see me take in that enormous and amazing rock formation that was before me. Well that was a very memorable moment and day and I just wanted to comment on it, though there were many, many others that weekend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dark River - Snapshots

Hey guys, I made a music video called Snapshots to one of Joey's songs. I don't know the name of the song, but the video is a series of "slides" of my last month here in LA. Hope you enjoy it, it wouldn't exist without Joey's brilliant composing. Soon I'll be hiring him to write soundtracks!

Here it is: