Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday gal with pink feather and all.

The kids are having so much fun RIGHT NOW!!! Bella came home from school and asked when she is going to have a real party? I said - I don't know? She came up with a brilliant plan. WE should have the party today, with the slip and slide and invite everyone I know!!!!! I said, OK. Go across the street and get Briannie. So EVERYONE is here. I have heard Bella say- this is the best party ever.

Little miss is a little afraid of all the fun to be had

Oey has made his claim on the little spiderman pool at the end

Jumping over how cool it is

Getting brave

Jarom has been the leader of course. Our hose doesn't fit the slip in slide so jarom has been master of the flow. Likes to surprise them - high water, low water, oey does not like this. It has been good though. They have had to use team work to have fun and hold the hose in for each other.

This is for Adie. Jarom has been over the moon for his little plants. He was so worried about them the whole time we were gone. Who's going to water them? The very first thing he does when he gets home from school is go straight to his plants. He is so in love with them. It's really cute.

Thanks again for the awesome gifts. I can tell this is what we are going to be doing all summer. I can hear them now. They have made up several games already. Jumping off tables to slip and slide. Rolling a huge ball down the slip and slide- like bowling. Jarom has got grand prizes for the winners. A nice glimpse of my summer to come. One week and counting!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

la face

She had already started to wash it off, jarom told her it was too crazy.

Jumping for JOY

Perfect timing ladies. Bella had been pouting that she didn't get a birthday party. I have to remind her SHE WANTED Disneyland and she got it.

Look Mom, a pink feather for my hair!! I like how she thinks!!

Wait, studddyyyyyyy it.


Just jumping some more while Bella opens the rest of her gifts.

Wish I could have gotten a picture of her face when she first saw it. So cute. She doesn't understand why it's called a ugly doll. The whole thing is just weird to her, why make an ugly doll?

Mom????? Can I paint my face now??? She is in the bathroom doing just that. Hopefully not too much she does have t-ball tonight. But- it would be cute. She is the only girl on the team.

Oey still as pleased as pleased can be. He had to run and jump on my lap to give me some happy hugs. Tried to get a picture of the moment but it was just that and he is off again.

Love you Nana and Heather xoxo Thank you for the thoughtful gifts.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving that pic DOWN

Hi guys. Some random that Dollycakes one of me can be pushed down. Not the best pic of me pops. I know you think it's cute, but I think you might be the only one in the world.


Some pics from last November when Arth and I stayed at the Carson Valley Inn and Casino! There was a rich, classic country theme there, with old french posters and antique signs and dark wood. Unfortunately, they are remodeling to make it just like all the other cheesy casinos. Oh well. And the one furthest down was taken after our classy Thanksgiving dinner at Del Taco.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Addie the dollycakes

Little guessing game. Where was this picture taken. Exactly where and when. See who guesses the exact where and when. (It's blown up as you probably can tell) It'll probably be easy. Dad