Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hey guys - First read dad's amazing post below

and then check out my question:

There's been some news that family camping trip is going to now take place on the 4th of July weekend. Unfortunately that means that myself (and Adrienne?) cannot make it.. so is this finalized and in stone? Should I plan that?

Let's discuss. Those sequoias have been waiting hundreds of years for us and I don't really wanna miss this

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beautiful--Spring has sprung

Addie planted the tomato plants right off my back porch and also a pepper plant and an oregano plant and until just the last few days they have been stymied somewhat, but seem to be taking off now. So I have been noticing many other wild and not so wild plants enjoying the limited sunshine, but are also now doing well. Adrienne also somehow started (last year I think)some orange/red poppies out at the front of my place along with the already yellow poppies that came up. She also planted a little artichoke plant last year and it is flourishing over in the Depello property. Anyway these are pictures of some of those plants and I tossed in a picture of Eddy sleeping as I load stuff on top of him as he carries on with his nap (I tease him relentlessly). Oh and I picked up a decent Kelty backpack yesterday on sale. I guess I just was loving the beauty of spring (never have paid much attention in the past) and all of the miracle of life all around (even Edd---in the last few days he has brought in 2 baby snakes, 2 lizards, and a bat--only the bat didn't survive; the rest I snuck away from him and put back outside).

Poppies and Iriss are beautiful (poppies close up tightly at night and then open up when the sun shines)

Addie planted this artichoke plant at the Depello's last year
(6" high then) 8 artichokes
on this one now

I'll wake up one morning with hops taking over

Hops working up back window

Eddy sleeping anyhow

Hops vines starting to cover the window

And My new Kelty backpac