Thursday, February 10, 2011

Date of Birth

Hello kids,

As you may remember, I breached the womb on February 22nd a few years back. Well in celebration of my continued existence, another annual life-anniversary is coming along...

and I have a request:


A dresser for my clothes.
A box spring.
A mattress, to put on top of the box spring.
A mouse for my desktop.
A new bicycle, or money for the one I want to buy ($200)
A valentine :)
A birthday party..?

Ok. These things are -

1 - all optional IF you feel inclined to celebrate with a gift
2 - would all be so massively appreciated, I'd pee.

I'm not really asking for gifts, I just wanted to update you guys on the things completely lacking in my life. I am aware of my inadequacy as a friend lately because I'm never around.. but don't think I don't wake up thinking about all of you every morning of my life, checking my Words With Friends, and wishing I could be involved in all of the projects, scriptwritings, acting, readings, shooting B-roll, joking, drinking good beers and staring at the stars that I know y'all do so regular. So the least I could do is say hello via blog and ask for stuff.

I love you all. I hope you're well. My new house/room needs help, especially from a girl...

I'm gonna go snowboarding/hiking/biking/working/driving/playing/reading/singing. Peace fools

Love Mikie