Tuesday, September 23, 2014

what autumn feels like around here

I must start out with a Leonard Cohen quote. Since his voice is the perfect sound for Autumn. Since he turned 80 years old yesterday. Since he just released another album this week:

“If your life is a leaf that the seasons tear off and condemn they will bind you with love that is graceful and green as a stem"

I am a big fan of resolutions. I always make them on new years eve, I always make one on the night before my birthday, and I always make them at the start of a new season. I love fresh starts, I am a sucker for second and third and fourth chances. I don't always complete them, but saying one or two of them into the air, under the moon, helps me to release. I gave a portion of the load to the world, I said a prayer, I acknowledged my power.

This season, in particular feels so magical. And it seems like everyone agrees. What is it about the human race that craves the departure of sweat on their brow, longs for chilly mornings and for those ugly dead leaves to break away from our weary trees? It's always been my favorite time, but this year it seems unreal. We have a child. We have a daughter. She has never seen the fall. She has never experienced the bursting joy that comes with watching our surroundings turning bright red. She is seven and a half months old. Her world right now is small, and it is all up to us! What we give her, what we show her, what we read her, where we take her. So this year, this is what Autumn looks like in our little world. In our new house. In our new life as parents to this blue eyed wonder of a girl.

So, one new tradition we started in our family is that we want to give scout a little gift at the start of every new season. Something that celebrates what is to come, even if it's just a little book or a set of colored pencils.

Here she is enjoying a couple of them today:

And here is some more of her loot, the little ghost, the wooden black kitty, and jack-o-lantern book are from Nana :) The witch hat was made by my sister!

Since scouty and I are home together a lot, we have lots of conversations. What is a friend? what is the rain? what is a promise? In this case, what is a flame? My baby looks nothing like me, so I like to think we have matching witch souls anyway:

Around here, especially in autumn, there is always a kitty or two napping on our couch

We have a million pumpkin treats and lots of apples

There are always candles burning, and Practical Magic is always on

We nap as much as possible, especially once the rain starts! (by WE, I mean Scout and the kitties. I have only had the pleasure of napping twice since she was born)

There is always a cozy blanket handy

Books are more tantalizing than ever. They are the sirens of the house. You walk by them and become transfixed, you have to force yourself to keep on walking. Or, in scout's case, you attempt a headstand in celebration of their greatness.

Windows are always open in the evening and early morning

Mama does a little light reading and studying

And wears her best slippers (even if it's still too damn hot)

So, happiest Autumn ever to everyone. Celebrate your lives and the brand new fresh air on its way. We have a lot of firsts on the horizon for our little lady, and in a way for us too. We get to re-feel raindrops. re-smell a christmas tree, re-live all the best parts of the world through her eyes. Happiness doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.


Amy Beatty said...

freaking pity!! why i never learn my lesson of commenting from my phone is beyond me!! It never works and I wrote you a beautiful poetic novel all with my right thumb. That takes heart and courage. and then to lose it! Guess I'm still alive and rolled out of bed and to my darn slow but steady computer who has a better track record at actually doing what it is meant to do. anywho!! now I need to read the blog again!! It made me that happiest to see it xoxxo you picked it up and dusted it off right in time!! I had forgotten about it. There is such a feeling of rebirth at every season. its so darn amazing and tender that you just want to pick it up and bundle it up. and make time stop for just a darn moment so we can wrap our minds around all that change and growth and death that is surrounding us.Let us take it in. Maybe shed some skin and start growing the newest you. YOur home is just the coziest!! seems to me you guys moved right in time to make whats going to be some of your fondest memories! What a sweet house to make them in. Treasure them up and let the tears just flow because life is soo freaking beautiful! I hope you get some good weather for those sweet slippers xo Baby scout is just a happy little gal. I just love how babies come up loving life and loving everything in general. Oh a straw, lets have some munching fun. Oh, I can gag myself with it. pretty cool. lets do it some more. What the heck?? who are these miniature people and why are they the most amazing creatures!! I want to nap with your babes, all curled up and comfy. Can't wait to see you all in the flesh next week!! can't come soon enough!!! Tell that scout to take it easy and try not to grow while I'm not around! gosh.xoxoxo thank you so much for this little nugget!! keep blogging

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh emmy, it's all just a dream. a pure enchanted dream of life. i love what amy wrote and i love what you wrote. i can't wait for the tree out front of my house to turn red. it's starting already. maybe we are going to have a real fall this year after all, cause these last few days have me spoiled indeed. cozy blankets, slippers, napping cats and babies, practical magic and candles and spellbooks, all whilst sipping wine and remembering the sweet days long gone by...this is heaven to me. well, especially if a light rain starts. it's a grip to the heart of vibrant energy and love, seasonal changes always stir us up, but in my Myth studies class we learned that mythically speaking, fall is the time of nourishment, maturation, fullness of love and relationships....if it corresponds with a time in one's life it is adulthood and middle age, realizing potential, finding comfort and peace and wisdom. (Spring being childhood and babbling happiness, summer being young love, and winter being old age.) Having babies in our lives makes us blessed with that magic a hundred-fold, because they discovery as we sit back and marvel over these tiny creatures we brought to earth and their huge impact on our lives and the earth. there is nothing like it. that right there is pure magic. we'll have to come have a pumpkin ale with you soon and enjoy scout's treasures with her, read some spooky books and pet those lovebugs who will just get lazier as the days get cooler. oh and graveyard photo shoot! soon! love love love you guys and that glorious home and life you've created. we could not be more blessed.

moonshinejunkyard said...

Not to romanticize too much, it's damn hard work too! And when we do come over I will be running after a wild toddler and pulling my energetic babe off your sweet laid back babe, rather than cozily sitting and chatting it up like we used to! But it will be cozy anyway and we should make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and maybe find a little spell for rain, and gossip about all our loves and just be sisters and mamas together and embrace all the craziness and joy and frustration and big huge love.