Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's that time again - Beatty Christmas List 2011

Well kids, it's that time again. Please everyone post your lists! Including kids & significant others! It makes it soooooo much easier for us all I think :)


moonshinejunkyard said...

yeah! i can't wait for christmas. i love these pictures so much. i will be having darin get out all the decorations in two weeks, woooo hooooo! by the way, we still haven't figured out thanksgiving yet, right? what's the plan? and as for christmas...??? matt, amy, kids, are you coming for any or all of it?

as for gifts, the only thing i can think of that i need is a vacuum cleaner, and i don't even need that too bad cause i get to use joey's :)

love you all!

Mikie said...

For Christmas, I would love to corecord an album of original music with Amber and two or more people in our family/friends. Something incredible, that we can distribute to people we don't know.

That, and help fixing my car door would be invaluably splendid.

And maybe some knick knacks and this and that and good-smelling things. :) Love you guys

Amy Beatty said...

love all these good time photos. All I want for christmas is to plan our camping trip. matt and i are booking up pretty quick and already have a few trips planned out that way being x-mas, grandmas party, joey and emily wedding and carolanns. lots of things not to be missed. lets plan this thing please xoxo we are hoping everyone is still up for the teton/yellowstone attempt deuce

Papa Dan said...

Well, my list is coming short or nill as it may be but give me a couple more days/weeks/to list it here. Oh and Amy, I'm so looking forward to Teton country and am glad to here you pushing for a plan/date etc. START SAVING EVERYONE!!!

moonshinejunkyard said...

guys i am kinda nervous about the Tetons...i am due to have a baby on JULY 13!!!!! WOWZERS!!!! so anyway...we gotta talk. bigtime. there is nothing more than i want to do on earth than to introduce a baby to the beautiful wilds. but at a month old?! i hope so!!!

mooncowboy said...

good point heather, so we will talk. some holiday season round-the-fireside chatting and good oldfashioned what-beattys-do-best planning

thewoodenroad said...

i want a pocket knife with a clip, a gerber or a kershaw. i want some new shoes. i need black socks - ankle length. a new backpacking stove. any number of fun wilderness camping gadgets. i love it all. wii games. i could go on and on, i love things. im a material boy.

Mikie said...

I'm amending my post, since it blew.

I want supplies to draw, like a decent little spiral-bound sketch pad and some colored pencils and/or paints.

I would also love a journal, with lines!!

And maps, preferably of our areas.

A banjo!!!!

A guide to the native trees and plants in our California, with pictures.

Wii games.

Vintage clothes. Please.

Lots of acting gigs and trips home, and a journey to the Tetons.

Books on Mythologies. Lots of them.

That should do :)