Friday, July 1, 2011

Tremendous Love

In order to re-enliven the family blog, and to celebrate love everywhere, I am hereby posting a blog.

As most of you know, May was a pretty hard month for me and joey, and for me in general. Faith was lost, my soul was longing for change and renewal, Mercury was in retrograde. But I am happy to report that with June came fresh blooms and fresh love and fresh life. I have discovered the reason for life: creation. It is the purpose of the world. Art, memories, babies, photographs, love, poems, gardens, wrinkly pages of expression and confession. Create them all. Life becomes clear and love becomes clear. June was a haven of light.

First, awareness. And appreciating and drooling over all our tiny trinkets, the little humble details that make our home simply...OURS.

Our tea cabinet, our mexican glasses, our mug collection, our fruit. These are a few of my favorite things.

Next, Our bedroom. The mosquito net that Joey always makes fun of and the kittens always tear down, Our thrifted duvet cover, our little home.

And My altar. Where I light candles and say prayers for souls that come knocking on my heart.

And then there was FERN

She found us just in the nick of time. When, above all, we cherished new life and things that need love.

Our perfect threesome:

Life is short and colorful and full of opportunity to express love and appreciation, along with sorrow and longing. Embrace it all and cherish every tiny detail. The world is so bright and so are each of us.
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh emmy!!!! i just walked in the door, already overwhelmed with love and the flow of the universe, with the mountains and creatures and the truths in the air about me as i travel and sing and love. then i sit down and first thing is this. oh these words, this light of yours. these pictures of you and fofe are RADIANT!!!

you HAVE to see The Tree of Life, oh em you are going to die. love everything....despite the struggle. that is the thing the mountains teach too, and folk songs, and little mexican potteries, and cats full of personality and warmth and vigor, and each other, and everything that we worship on this earth.

thank you for this beauty, and for june, and for new beginnings and open doorways and blossoms and fruits and books and creation and possibility. I LOVE YOU, and this whole crazy wondrous family.

Amy Beatty said...

I'm starting to think you should just take over the beatty blog!! We all need fresh reminders why life is so grand and it is really not anything grand in the worlds eyes. But mugs and kittens and prayers!!!! Your little place is just busting with love!! I love you guys xoxo Some of the hardest things that Matt and I have ever had to go through have made us who we are today. Even when it breaks us down to the core and we don't know how to pick up the pieces to rebuild. But it happens..... thankfully and magically. You two are pure and made for each other - no doubt. Love you xoxo And love this insight into your heart and home. Welcome Fern!!! Hope to see you in ONE week!

Hoodoo Voodoo said...

I love you ladies so much, I am choked up. I am so lucky to have sisters that share such a love and lust for life and all her twists and turns. And that value such tiny visions that race through my head at night and that make me awake with a smile in the morning. Can't wait to squeeze you two.

Hoodoo Voodoo said...

And Amy, "Thankfully and Magically" is the perfect way to put it.

Joseph Beatty said...

emma i love this so much. and i love you so much

Susan Spring said...

And I love you both so much and your kitty babies too! I'm so glad you have a cozy new home with Heather and Darin. I can see you so much more often. Love you Emmy, I am so glad you are with my Joje. You are both angels to me. Love, Sue, Nana, Mama Sue