Thursday, February 10, 2011

Date of Birth

Hello kids,

As you may remember, I breached the womb on February 22nd a few years back. Well in celebration of my continued existence, another annual life-anniversary is coming along...

and I have a request:


A dresser for my clothes.
A box spring.
A mattress, to put on top of the box spring.
A mouse for my desktop.
A new bicycle, or money for the one I want to buy ($200)
A valentine :)
A birthday party..?

Ok. These things are -

1 - all optional IF you feel inclined to celebrate with a gift
2 - would all be so massively appreciated, I'd pee.

I'm not really asking for gifts, I just wanted to update you guys on the things completely lacking in my life. I am aware of my inadequacy as a friend lately because I'm never around.. but don't think I don't wake up thinking about all of you every morning of my life, checking my Words With Friends, and wishing I could be involved in all of the projects, scriptwritings, acting, readings, shooting B-roll, joking, drinking good beers and staring at the stars that I know y'all do so regular. So the least I could do is say hello via blog and ask for stuff.

I love you all. I hope you're well. My new house/room needs help, especially from a girl...

I'm gonna go snowboarding/hiking/biking/working/driving/playing/reading/singing. Peace fools

Love Mikie


moonshinejunkyard said...

migs i would love to get you a dresser from a thrift store but i am having trouble thinking about the logistics. i could get you a mouse for your computer but i don't know what kind you want...why don't you come up to placerville and celebrate the date of your birth and go out to spag fac with grandma georgie and us and just generally have a good fiesta? LOVE YOU. miss you, come see us.

mooncowboy said...

whoa, heather, what is spag fac? wait--just figured it out. you've got to be kidding me.

mikie--I have an extra logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo I need to part with (seriously). not very old, works well. interested?

Mikie said...

Matt that sounds great!!

Heather, I'd love to come up but it's a really big trip so I'd need a solid reason. Picking up a dresser/boxspring/mattress? Solid Reason.


(smooching a hot girl.. solid reason)

Papa Dan said...

Mikie, I do have your what do you call it; collapsing wooden frame with padded thin mattress that would probably serve you temporarily and it would fit in a car (barely) to take to LA. It's all been protected from the elements so is in good shape. I don't know but maybe as a birthday present I could bring it (and any other things that others may contribute from your list that would fit in my car)down to you here real soon. I would love the trip. Think it over.

mooncowboy said...

dad: it's a futon. and for the record, i love futons! we have one too, though its frame doesn't hold it up perfectly. i think they are extremely comfortable.