Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beattyites PLEASE post your Christmas needs and wants!

Hi friends.

I know we all have been away from this blog, which makes me a bit sad. We all are so into our OWN thing lately but we should try to reconnect here at least sometimes! Anyways, this time it's inevitable, because we need an interface/web-place where we can all see each other's Christmas lists! So PLEASE....leave a comment with your wishes! Include big stuff, little stuff, pricey or cheap.....I know none of us has much money this Christmas, but this list will inspire ideas!

Amy and Matt please include the kids!

My two cents.....the teacher and most-kind Jesus is the reason for the season. He was the tiny baby that came from the sweetest love of all. If you aren't a believer, at least remember at this time of year how lovely it would be if the world had unconditional love, and maybe think of something kind you could do that's out of the ordinary. I like the Winter Solstice celebrations too, but I really mostly love how Christmas inspires people to be kind to each other. Even if in parking lots in the shopping madness not everyone heeds the call.....:) In the end, according to Jewel, only kindness matters. It's the true meaning.

Thanks all



Papa Dan said...

Well I can list a few things for my Christmas list, but for now most are book titles. As I think of things I will list more.
--A belt (practical leather) for use on my denim pants Size 36 I think
---"A Tree grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith
---"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
---"Suttree" by Cormac
---"The Help" by Stockett
---"The Tie that Binds" by Haruf
That would fulfill my Christmas and more

Joseph Beatty said...

i cant really think of anything i want for christmas. here are two big things.
1. backpacking sleeping bag, 20-30 degree, lightweight and compact (too expensive tho, way)
2. a condenser mic.

but i think a lot of times the most practical gifts are gift cards. you can do like 5 or 10 bucks and people are stoked. so here are a couple of places i would love to get some gift cards.

2. REI
3. borders
4. dimple records
5. the bookery
6. any delish restaurants so me and emma could go on a rare date.
7. itunes

anyways i will be stoked just to hang with my family this year, eat good food, drink and be merry. its kind of been a rough year so lets end it with a bang and send good energy to next year, hope for good strokes of luck and happiness for all of us. love joey

Joseph Beatty said...

also i need new shoes. so a gift card to Converse or Vans or something would be suweeeet

moonshinejunkyard said...

dad, and joey, your lists are rad.

AdieSpringB said...

Sorry I had too many posts, had to condense it into one. I'm a virgo ya know- hence the last two deleted ones.


A laptop bag- cute, girly, and CUSHY to keep the precious thing protected! (for my new macbook pro so probably I shouldn't even ask for ONE thing!)

A runner rug for my kitchen - 6 feet by 2 feet, light blue. (Art's probably getting me this? I hope)

Headbands- fat-ish not skinny ones

Natural spearmint toothpaste (SLS Free)

Olive oil body spray from The Body Shop (like last year! I used all mine up!)

A teensy silver cross (I have a chain)-
Actually maybe I want a teensy tiny GOLD cross with a chain.....can't decide

Assets™ size 2 cream colored tights or leggings from Target

A heater for my fish tank. One that can go to different degrees, especially 70-72 degrees. (I have a 30 gallon tank)

Cat toys!!!!

I better stop whilst I'm ahead I'm getting greedy!!!

moonshinejunkyard said...!''

Hoodoo Voodoo said...

I always forget what I want for christmas when christmas finally rolls around, a few things that come to mind tho:

-The new We'Moon 2011 Calendar book

-Where The Wild Things Are on DVD

-A hammock (me and joey need one! just a cheapy one you can tie between two posts or trees)

-a new journal

-A new car (HA!)

-any kind of MARA pottery:
*obviously ebay is cheaper*

-etsy treasures!

Mostly I just cant wait to have a bright and cheery Christmas morning with coffee and treats and warm love from ya'll. LOVE!

AdieSpringB said...

Heather yours didn't work

AdieSpringB said...

Hey. My list is soooo long but I have two more ones to add.

Nice liquid handsoaps! I'm almost out of all three of mine!

And Bath and Body lotions.....
Tuberose and Japanese cherry blossom

PS I don't expect anything

moonshinejunkyard said...

i don't know why everyone thinks my poor lil link doesn't work. i just tried it again, works for me! just copy and paste it into your address bar above. anyway it is sort of a joke. it's something to feast your eyes upon and something i adore but not a real "gift." i'm still trying to think up some things i might actually need. love all the lists so far, so cute, such great ideas!

AdieSpringB said...


Cause he's never gonna get on this blog probably! SO I'm copying from one he wrote down.

candy-gummi worm/ dark DARK chocolate (he likes the sea salt kind too) bars
Crystal dish with a lid for candy
Hair conditioner

Fresh Mex GC
Rec Store GC
Perier*** (pamplemousse flavor)
Vita Coco (acai and pomegranate- it's that coconut water but he only likes the Vita brand)
Poker table

Joseph Beatty said...

also I would love a powerdrill and a bit set.

moonshinejunkyard said...

here are a couple little things i'd like:

tousle me softly shampoo and condish

black tights

Burr grinder for coffee

pendant necklace

books on magic, cats, dreams, pioneer women, local lore and land

backpacking sleeping bag (like joey said)

Mikie said...

hey guys

SO, i've been hounded about this Christmas list business. I guess my Christmas Spirit has gone a tad out the window, sorry.

but now I finally have steady internet access, and a moment to spare, so maybe I'll come up with SOMEthing worth asking for.

Honestly, it isn't easy..

I mean, there's really only 3 things I really want for Christmas:

1 - A home that I can feel at home in

2 - food to eat

3 - someone to be in love with

Right? So I guess for Christmas, after much more thought than you'd think, those are the things I want to have. Anything you feel fits near those categories, you'd be giving me more than enough. (Hint: feeling at home means having decent pots/cookware)

But while we're at it - I might as well throw at you some cool things I wouldn't mind having:

1 - nice iPod dock/speakers

2 - dslr camera of ANY kind

3 - boxer briefs and socks galore

4 - 1 book that changed your life

5 - Trader Joe's gift card, of course!

6 - External Hard Drive for my Macbook

7 - Microphone to record myself onto my computer

8 - mugs and jars for drinking

9 - How To Make Beer book

10 - A girlfriend that won't run away from me

That's it. Hope this helps. I love you all. It makes me happy just seeing you guys doing this.

see you in a few days, assuming my car isn't stolen by morning. which I'm legitimately worried about. :)